5 Things to Consider For Your 2017 Social Media Strategy

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  • December 11th, 2016
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2017 is almost here!

I mean, in just a few short weeks, we’ll be ‘Happy New Yearing’ all over the place!

Are you ready?

Is your business ready?

Whether you’re a seasoned business owner preparing for a new year, or a brand new entrepreneur launching your business for the first time, social media must be part of your marketing plan. And like all things ‘small business’, you’ve gotta’ have a strategy to reach your social media goals. Try answering these 6 questions as you consider 2017.

1. What social media goal didn’t get achieved in 2016?

At the beginning of 2016, business owners created social media goals for each platform. More followers on Twitter, increased website traffic from Facebook, more conversions from Instagram – the goals were so fresh and new! Fast forward 6 months, and there were a few things you either didn’t get to, couldn’t focus on the way you planned, or results just didn’t materialize. That’s okay. Things happen, plans change, and sometimes you have to re-group in business. Why not add that unachieved goal to your 2017 list? Just be sure to weigh and update the goal so that it fits the coming year’s new objectives. You may have to tweak the tactics a bit before transferring it from 2016.

2. Did your chosen social media platforms work well for your business 2016?

If you didn’t reach your social media goals in 2016, what was the cause of the performance gap? Were you on the wrong platform for your industry? Maybe you didn’t understand how to use the platforms you chose? Listen, not every social media platform is created for every business. There is lots of data today revealing which platforms work best in certain industries. But, to get a more specific picture, you could begin by reviewing your platform’s performance analytics. Did you gain the number of followers or increased post clicks on Facebook? Did you get the engagement you were looking for from potential customers on Twitter? Did your platform and strategy attract the influencers you were seeking on Instagram? If you didn’t get the results you were searching for, you can focus on other platforms, change your strategy, and/or reach out to a social media specialist for help.

3. What topics are trending in your industry?

There are always hot topics trending in a particular industry. In the auto industry, it may be the next Tesla’s release date. In the mobile industry, it might be the next new phone or feature. Whatever the case, those hot topics can provide loads of content to write and/or post on.  Be sure you ‘listening’ to the buzz and contributing to the conversation to remain relevant and attract new customers. You can begin by creating Google Alerts on your topic and get regular updates about your industry topics and hot-button issues.

4. Is your social media campaign part of your traditional marketing strategy?

Don’t make the mistake of trying to create a social media plan in addition to your traditional marketing plan. Social media shouldn’t compete with your traditional marketing, or just enhance it. It should be a key, integrated component. Creating your 2017 marketing budget? Social media should be a line item, not a side note. It can legitimately help you sell more products, grow your customer base, and ‘listen’ to what customers are saying about you and your industry.

5. Do you need help creating your strategy?

As small business owners, we often try to handle ALL aspects of our business; be a jack of all trades. We handle the sales, the hiring, the marketing, the accounting, the IT, etc., etc., etc. In addition to the fact that none of us are experts at everything (and if you think you are, just stop it), we run the risk of falling short of customer expectations if we try to do it all. Social media is no different. It’s not something you learn over the weekend during your ‘down’ time. It doesn’t work well and is typically not effective that way. Reach out and ask for help. Sure, you could Google every aspect of social media marketing, but at what point will you run your business?

Social media can be a bear. There are lots of moving parts that should be optimized to work together and help you realize your business goals. MonicaAnnette can help you create a strategy that works toward meeting those goals. Shoot me a note and let’s get started planning your online customer engagement.

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