LinkedIn: Your More Than Capable Digital Business Partner

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  • August 6th, 2019
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There’s so much more to this app than showcasing your past work experience!

“I’ve never really looked at LinkedIn.” 

“I’ve been told my business needs to be there, but…I just don’t know how it works.”

“Isn’t it just an online resume?”

I often hear these and similar refrains from business owners, potential clients, networking attendees, and…well, the list goes on and on.

LinkedIn seems to be this distant social media cousin that no one’s quite sure what to do with. Most people I talk to get into a good marketing groove with other applications like Instagram or Facebook and LinkedIn just isn’t a part of their conversations.

I’m here to open your eyes.

LinkedIn may not be the most popular social media tool, but don’t be fooled! This application has teeth and can help your business get noticed, generate leads, and build partnerships that take you to the next level!

There are more people are on LinkedIn than you think

At least 500 million people use LinkedIn, and 260 million of them log in every month.

If those numbers aren’t impressive enough, here’s another – 45% of those people are in upper management. 

LinkedIn is also the most used social media platform amongst Fortune 500 companies. 

This means that creating a profile and/or a business page on this application offers a great opportunity to market yourself, your product or service to the right people. 

These ‘right’ people are the all-important decisions that sign service agreements and get you paid.

They are CEOs, Directors, Vice-Presidents, District or General Managers, and Principals of small to large businesses or corporations. They are the people that make major decisions about money allocation and spending. 

Let’s say I told you about a great networking space, less than a 1 mile from your home, where the top 5 CEOs in your industry stopped by every single day to mingle, meet new people, find new business solutions, and maybe, make purchases. 

Would you make it your business to be there E-V-E-R-Y D-A-Y? 

Well, that’s LinkedIn.

While they aren’t online every day, out of the 260 million business people logging in every month, there’s SOMEONE available for you to connect with.

So, here’s the take away from your last 2 minutes of reading. 

If you’re a business owner, especially in the business-to-business market, you NEED to have a presence on this app. If you’re not there, you’re missing a huge opportunity to grow your brand and your profit.

Take advantage of a space that’s not content-saturated

Only 1% of LinkedIn users log in and do more than make connections and like someone else’s posts in their feed.

Translation: users are missing huge business-building opportunities!

LinkedIn is similar to other social media applications in its ability to help you present yourself as an industry expert. There may be 120 similar businesses on LinkedIn, but if you’re the only one actively providing valuable information and resources to a network, you stand out. 

If you’re in the hospitality industry, conventional wisdom tells you to connect with all of the general managers, directors of sales, revenue managers, and management company executives you can find. 

Most people would take just enough time to request or accept a few connections, then like, comment “Great post”,  or share an industry article they found once a month. 

There’s so much more to do! 

To make more of an impact, you might also consider sharing:

  • Tips on how to increase revenue during a slow season
  • Data on customer meetings expectations
  • Video of behind-the-scenes preparation for an upcoming event
  • Any of this information in an industry group

Simply having a login and profile isn’t making the most out of the application. Offering content gives you the opportunity to market your company and ideas alongside Fortune 500 companies sharing this space.

Use the application as an industry monitoring tool

LinkedIn also offers you the capability of keeping an eye on influencers and industry changes. By connecting with or following industry leaders, you can maintain a grasp on hot topics and trends that can inform your content, in-person conversations, and business decisions. 

Let’s go back to the hospitality example above. If you’re interested in doing business with Marriott International, you might decide to follow the company page, as well as its CEO, Arne Sorenson.

This allows you to see what the company deems important and what the CEO is involved in. Has he been honored in any way? Did he give his own views on the future of the industry 20 years down the road?

In addition, LinkedIn has now fully vested in using hashtags to index content. So, you can also search and follow hashtags like #HotelTrends, #HotelRevenue, or even #ArneSorenson. Likewise, if…no, no…when you produce content and include hashtags, others can use them to find your posts or articles.

The tags are placed to the left of your desktop homepage and under your profile pic with smartphones. You can simply click a hashtag to view the types of content posted under that topic.

Linkedin can open your business to so many growth opportunities. But in order to take advantage, you’ve got to be there and be active.

Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter are great, but LinkedIn, if utilized correctly, can work as your long-term business partner!

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