I am MonicaAnnette…

A social media consultant dedicated to partnering with small business owners. Are you ready to step into your greatest online presence?

With over 25 years of consultative sales, marketing communications, and adult facilitation experience, I’ve worked with clients in the telecommunications, hospitality, and advertising industries to achieve business goals and objectives.

As a current and previous business owner, I understand the importance of a credible online presence. I understand how social media integration can be beneficial to business growth. I also understand that you have a business to run. While social media is important, it isn’t your daily priority. I can help with that!

Let’s Socialize!

Let me help you integrate social media into your traditional marketing plan! Together, we can create strategies to meet your overall business goals and make your online presence more effective.

Socialize with me at ma@monicahowardsm.com!